moneto is Changing

Thank you for being a moneto customer. There are some changes in progress that will effect your ability to use your moneto account in the future. As of 08/16/2012 your current moneto account will no longer be active. Until then, If you have a remaining balance on your account you can do the following:

1. Spend the remaining balance.
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2. Do nothing. A check for your remaining balance will be sent in September.

3. Sign up for a new moneto account or another Transcard Prepaid MasterCard® account and transfer the remaining balance to your new account.


Why is this change happening?

The moneto program was developed with TransCard sponsored by University National Bank. TransCard and University National Bank will no longer be supported jointly. Funds for all TransCard/University National Bank accounts can be moved to other TransCard accounts. Simply sign up for any TransCard Prepaid MasterCard, including a new and improved moneto, then using the”Move Money” function from your online account transfer funds from this account to your new one.

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Will the moneto mobile wallet still be available?

moneto will continue to be available with TransCard and a new bank in the coming weeks. As a thank your for your patience and continued support, return moneto customers will be eligible for a special offer. Check back here or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more up to date information about when you can sign up.

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A Letter From TransCard:

Effective Date: 8/16/2012

Dear Customer,

This is a very important letter to inform you of a change that will affect your ability to utilize the TransCard provided MasterCard® bearing admin #123456. Your admin number can be found on the back of your card. As of August 16, 2012, University National Bank will no longer be supporting TransCard prepaid debit cards.

If your existing prepaid card is setup for automatic transactions, such as direct deposit or automatic withdrawals, you must make new arrangements or discontinue the electronic transactions utilizing your existing prepaid card number will fail.

You may continue to use your existing prepaid card for purchases and ATM withdrawals until August 16, 2012. On this date, your existing prepaid card will be closed and nay remaining funds will b sent to you in the form of a paper check mailed from University National Bank seven days after your account has been closed. In the even that you do no want to wait for the check, we encourage you to spend your entire balance before August 16, 2012. For historical purposes, the transaction history for you existing prepaid card will be available at

We kindly ask that you destroy your existing prepaid card by August 16,2012 by cutting the card in half. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation nd understanding in this matter. If we can be of further server, please call us at 1(800) 848-3201.


TransCard Customer Service.